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New Study Shows Turmeric May Improve Health

New Study Shows Turmeric May Improve Health

On coming day, there are unusual medical benefits of the turmeric, and now experts have said that regular use of turmeric can also prevent blood pellets and the process of getting rid of them.

 It is now known that turmeric reduces one of the plasma proteins called fibronejene. This heavy protein plays an important role in strengthening the blood and making the rubbish. If its unusual amount increases in blood, there may be diseases like heart disease and fluid. 

Sekarang diketahui bahwa kunyit mengurangi salah satu protein plasma yang disebut fibronejene. Protein berat ini memainkan peran penting dalam memperkuat darah dan membuat sampah. Jika jumlahnya yang tidak biasa meningkat dalam darah, mungkin ada penyakit seperti penyakit jantung dan cairan.

If the fibronjen increases, it can also be related to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure. Professor Ward Dean of America, and some London specialists study 3,000 patients who had a heart attack or anxiety. . 

Jika fibronjen meningkat, itu juga bisa terkait dengan penyakit seperti kanker, diabetes dan tekanan darah. Profesor Ward Dean of America, dan beberapa spesialis London mempelajari 3.000 pasien yang mengalami serangan jantung atau kecemasan. .

His study proves that the high levels of fibronjen in blood proved to be the cause of disease. Experts even said that despite the increased amount of cholesterol in some patients, the amount of fibonogen was low, the rate of heart disease was lower. 

It is known that fibonogenic diseases can be a major cause of heart disease.

Turmeric and fiberglass

Experts have given more than 20 millimeters daily circuits for people with fiber-only 15 days, a powerful component of turmeric. Experts noted that it did not have any negative impact on their health and that is why specialists suggest some quantities of daily turmeric. 

The amount of fibrongen decreased rapidly in people with sedimentary food and subsequent tests in their blood decreased many types of biomarkers which cause different diseases.
Jumlah fibrinogen menurun dengan cepat pada orang dengan makanan sedimen dan tes selanjutnya dalam darah mereka menurunkan banyak jenis biomarker yang menyebabkan berbagai penyakit.