Remove the heat of the stomach

Anyone suffering from disease, gastrointestinal or other problems is usually the result of heat, due to which excessive spicy food, smoking or wine, nocturnal mood habits, etc.

Stomach warming or extra temperature is a result of high-speed digestion and it is necessary to control it, or it can be complicated health problems.

There is no clear reason for this problem, but some things can increase the risk, such as spicy foods, more food, habit in the mouth, excessive analgesic medication, slow lifestyle and tenderness etc.

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The best part is that it may be possible to treat certain nutrients in the house that can reduce the heat from the heat, but if the problem persists, the doctor should be referred.

Here you will be able to know about the nutrients that can help reduce stomach heat.


Diet is the food that helps increase the amount of bacteria that are beneficial to health, which helps to reduce heat emissions, while improving system ism and other functions.

Cool milk

Cold milk also reduces the temperature of the stomach, while helping to reduce the acidity of the acidity, the comforting function removes the discomfort of the stomach warmth. Drinking a glass of cold milk can prove to be of benefit to this problem.

Boiled rice

Due to the heat of the heat, many symptoms are not visible in front of them, so the white rice boiled in the soil can also shake the stomach and increase the amount of water, with the intake of rice, fast food increases. . The effect. .
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The plant can also help prevent the heat of the stomach due to which it has a cool effect. A cup of water or tea is sufficient to reduce the level of acne in extra acidity.

More water nutrients

Eats apples, peaches, potatoes and cats, while staying away from dried foods that can increase acidity and increase the heat of the stomach.

More water

Drinking a lot of water quickly reduces the heat of the stomach, the water also helps in the extraction of poisonous effects which result in excess heat, while the system makes the skin healthy.

Coconut water

Coconut water helps in normalizing the level of acidity in the form of normal, which also reduces the linear of the gastrointestinal and reduces heat emission, while during pregnancy it helps in removing chest flavors. happens.

Apple vinegar

Mix a glass of water with 2 to 3 teaspoon apples and mix a spoonful honey and drink this mixture. Drink these drinks during the nausea, do not panic after a few hours a glass and drink.

Lime Strip

If there is often a discomfort of gastrointestinal disorders, then one meal spoon mix a glass of lime in hot water and drink it in the morning. Lemon intake reduces significantly in irritation while balance of acidity.

Eli Veera gel

Eleva Vera has features such as Jailab, which not only increases the amount of water in the intestines, but also facilitates waste movement. To overcome the gastrointestinal, half of the cups of Elo Vera gel are consumed. Drink it on stomach or acidity complaint if needed.

Green tea

Drink tea tea bags in a cup of hot water for a few minutes and then drink it, one or 2 cups of green tea is sufficient to keep the gallons in the day enough, this tea vermilion Features reduce the feeling of burning in the nutrients.

Apple / banana / papaya

If there is a gastrointestinal complaint, skip any of the above mentioned fruits that will provide immediate relief.


Take three pieces of ginger and two cups of water, cut ginger pieces further, and boil for half an hour in water, then check it again and then mix and drink some honey mix.


Almond balances the gastrointestinal acid in which it contains the presence of calcium, which helps in relief and prevention of chest or stomach burnt, for which it is used to eat five to 6 almonds after eating immediately. Make it

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