Automatic Traffic Light Circuit

As we all know, the name of the project is “Traffic Light Control”. The fundamental idea of this simple electronic project is to control the traffic.  Traffic signal control system is playing very important role in modern age. It is used to control the accident and traffic jam in road in the urban area as well as now it is also used in the rural area where traffic volume is high. Traffic light control system is an automatic sequential system that flashes 3 lights.

Control Lights indicators

  1. RED light – instructs the driver to STOP at the intersection.
  2. YELLOW light – instructs the driver to WAIT (If red light is next) or GET READY (if green light is next)
  3. GREEN light – instructs the driver to GO through the intersection.

Components Required

  1. Transistor BC547 (3 pieces) or any NPN
  2. 470 ohm resistors ( 3 pieces)
  3. 100k,100k (or poenteiometer) 
  4. 100uf 16v  (3 pieces)
  5. 2 LEDs of Green color
  6. 2 LEDs of Red color
  7. 2 LEDs of orange color
  8. 9 to 12v battery or adopter 
  9. 1 Battery connector

Circuit Diagram

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