Easy projects

  1. Simple Electronic polarity tester circuit
  2. Remote Tester
  3. Fire Alarm Tester

  1. Simple Electronic polarity tester circuit
In this project i have  shown a simple polarity tester that can easily test the polarity of a DC source.With this tester you can test whether the battery connections are right or wrong.  when you connect wrong connection red Led  blink and also buzzer will ring and as connect right connection Green LED blink which indicates that connection is right and save. 

Components required 

  1. Green Led
  2. Red Led
  3. Buzzer
  4. 1k Resistor
  5. Two nobs 1 red and 1 black

Circuit Diagram

2. Remote Tester

   In the project i have made a very simple remote tester Circuit with only Ir Receiver senor which collect signals from the remote and then convert these signals into electrical pulses and LED which is connected with sensor Blink as we press any key of any remote.

Circuit Diagram 

 3.Fire Alarm Tester

This circuit is about fire indicator circuit its very easy and alarm can be attracted with this circuit.

Circuit Diagram.

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